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Byron Metcalf, Steve Roach & Rob Thomas

"Monuments of Ecstasy"


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Release: 2015
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Byron Metcalf, Steve Roach & Rob Thomas - Monuments of Ecstasy CD

The visionary tribal-ambient trio of Byron Metcalf, Steve Roach & Rob Thomas opens a portal into an expanded state of being. Monuments of Ecstasy contains six impeccably crafted pieces of modern-tribal magic; the visceral power of sound and rhythm work to activate a body-cen-tered passion and life-force arousal. Byron’s drums and percussion fuse with Steve’s hybrid grooves, array of analog modular, virtual analog synths and mixing enhancements; Rob’s ser-pentine didgeridoo weaves aboriginal textures and otherworldly voices, adding ancient layers to the trio’s flows and soundscapes. The result are majestic and powerful formations that rise up from the earth in an ever-evolving organic listening experience. Monuments of Ecstasy is driven by a constant undercurrent of fluid percussive pulses. The sound shifts from dense grooves to hypnotic sequencer-driven electronics to synthetic atmospheric transcendence. With Roach's hybrid grooves and electronics, Metcalf's percussion and didgeridoo from Inlakesh's Thomas, the visionary tribal-ambient trio pass through a portal into the pure ecstasy of being - a music-infused ritual of body-centered passion and life-force arousal.
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1.Archaic Layers 11:29
2.Monuments Of Trance 16:31
3.Primal Analog 9:20
4.Molecules Of Momentum 9:05
5.Monuments Of Ecstasy 15:08
6.This Place On Earth 4:36