InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Cabaret Voltaire

"1974-1976 (LTD Coloured Vinyl)"


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Release: August 2019
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Cabaret Voltaire - 1974-1976 (LTD Coloured Vinyl) 2LP

A selection of material recorded by Cabaret Voltaire during the earlier and formative years of their existence. All of the recordings were done in an attic 10 feet by 6, on a domestic reel to reel tape recorder. A number of the recordings here were part of those which made up the now legendary limited edition cassette released by the band in 1976.

Features all original Cabaret Voltaire members – Richard H Kirk, Stephen Mallinder, Chris Watson.
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Label:Mute Artists Ltd
1.The Dada Man
3.A Sunday Night In Biot
4.In Quest Of The Unusual
5.Do The Snake
6.Fade Crisis
7.Doubled Delivery
8.Venusian Animals
9.The Outer Limits
10.She Loved You