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Calle Della Morte

"Gente Di Malaffare"


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Release: 2009
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Finally available again in a new edition, the debut full length CD by Calle della Morte, originally released in April 2005 and long deleted since. This second print includes a bonus CD-R called "Come te go fato te desfo", featuring 40 minutes of previously unreleased music, tracks from compilations, live and remixes. After numerous Vinyl-only releases on HauRuck, Old Europa Café and other cult labels, "Gente di Malaffare" was the first full-length album for this gifted neo-folk act from Venice/Italy. The songs are based on ancient Venetian legends and got mixed with other influences that came from the consumption of a lot of red wine. A very unique Folk style with a rock touch: nude & crude.
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1.Song Of Margarete
2.Nevi Eterne
3.Io E Te
5.Bambolina (Demo Version)
6.Venezia (Mix)
7.Nessuna Remissione (In "la Notte Hauruck!") [Live]
8.Labbra Rosso Sangue (In "la Notte Hauruck!") [Live]
9.Senza Fare Rumore (Der Feurkreiner Remix).