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"Live In Dresden"



Release: 2009
Status: Sold out
Camouflage - Live In Dresden DVD + CD

It's a rare occurrence for a band to follow their route consistently and away from all fashionable trends and clichés, revealing their deeper secrets only to those who haven't forgotten how to listen and watch carefully. There can be no doubt that Camouflage belong to this rare type. When the trio consisting of Heiko Maile, Oliver Kreyssig and Marcus Meyn started to make music back in 1983, the fascination of new electronic forms of expression initially appeared to be their driving force and inspiration - when in fact the song itself and the melancholy soul had always been in the foreground. Their debut album "Voices & Images" was equally successful. The band never slavishly followed synth pop, despite their penchant for ambitioned electronic music, which became even more than apparent with the arrival of their second album, "Meanwhile" with its focus on acoustic elements and the classic pop song, which Camouflage refined with a lot of warmth and intimacy. The same applied to their second global hit, "Love Is A Shield", which became another mega success in 1989, together with the album, "Methods Of Silence". Although Camouflage allowed the countless possibilities of electronic music to sensitively return into their sonic tapestry on the subsequent albums, "Bodega Bohemia" (1993), "Spice Crackers" (1995), "Sensor" (2003) and the amazing "Relocated" (2006), the trio had successfully distanced themselves from the image of the archetypical synth pop act: having consistently matured and perfected their own cosmos, a self-contained picture was created which we are allowed to contemplate in all its colourfulness on "Live In Dresden". "Live In Dresden" goes beyond the scope of the usual live documentary many times over: Receptive fans as well as interested newcomers to the Camouflage fold will gain insights into the fascinating world of Camouflage on two DVDs and one audio CD. The audio CD and first DVD contain a live recording of a concert which the band performed at Dresden's Reithalle. It's characteristic of the band that this concert didn't turn into a pure "greatest hits" event, but contains, along with their most popular hits, such as "You Turn" or "The Perfect Key", which stylishly complement the overall picture and impressively document that Camouflage don't just tell their story but continue to live intensely. Their as much unpretentious as powerful performance is enhanced by the second DVD, which contains not only all the band's video clips in chronological order, but also rare unplugged clips and a number of TV appearances which show quite plainly the changes the band has gone through during the past two decades. A one-hour documentary about their Russian tour in 2006 rounds off the picture and allows their fans a glimpse behind the curtains, giving impressions of life on the road and allowing insights into their lives.
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InfraRot item number:2003.182
Label:Synthetic Symphony
Label's catalogue number:spv260527
1.How Do You Feel?
2.Me And You
3.I Can't Feel You
4.That Smiling Face
7.We Are Lovers
10.You Turn
11.The Perfect Key
12.Motif Sky
13.The Great Commandment
15.Love Is A Shield
16.One Fine Day
17.Strangers' Thoughts
18.How Do You Feel? [Video/Live]
19.Me And You [Video/Live]
20.The Pleasure Remains [Video/Live]
21.I Can't Feel You [Video/Live]
22.That Smiling Face [Video/Live]
23.Thief [Video/Live]
24.Confusion [Video/Live]
25.We Are Lovers [Video/Live]
26.Perfect [Video/Live]
27.Close [Video/Live]
28.Dreaming [Video/Live]
29.You Turn [Video/Live]
30.The Perfect Key [Video/Live]
31.Motif Sky [Video/Live]
32.The Great Commandment [Video/Live]
33.Conversation [Video/Live]
34.Real Thing [Video/Live]
35.Suspicious Love [Video/Live]
36.Something Wrong [Video/Live]
37.Love Is A Shield [Video/Live]
38.One Fine Day [Video/Live]
39.Kraft [Video/Live]
40.Strangers' Thoughts [Video/Live]