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"A Better Spider (1981-1985)"



Release: 2009
Status: Sold out
Carmody - A Better Spider (1981-1985) CD

Carmody were Andrea Lesmo (synthesisers, tapes, bass, guitar) and Alberto Ramella (vocals) with the some help from Massimiliano Casacci (guitar - nowadays in Subsonica and running the Casasonica Studios) at the later stage of their existence. They came from Torino, Italy, and were mates of Monuments and Chromagain, also following a similar musical path with predominant synthesisers and drum machines (Boss DR-55, Korg KPR-77, Roland TR-909) along with some sparse guitars here and there. They recorded from 1981 to 1985 and issued three incredibly rare demo tapes. ""A Better Spider"" compiles the best tracks from those tapes, bringing you some of the best electropop/electrowave music ever coming out of Italy. Carmody would have so deserved to reach a wider audience, especially the later stage tracks have had much potential to become small hits, and then "Messengers of Love" is definitely one most wonderful tracks ever recorded and led Anna wanting to this release in the first place. There is no chance you shall miss out on this one if you are into stuff like Monuments or early 80s electronic wave music in general.

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Label:Anna Logue Records
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1.Sleep On Mirrors
2.Time’s Under
4.Most Of You
6.As We Down
7.Long Breath (1983)
8.Il Sospetto
11.The Perfect Beat
12.Long Breath (1985)
13.Space Invaders
14.Messengers Of Love