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Cat Rapes Dog

"Moosehair Underwear (Limited Edition)"


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Release: November 2022
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Cat Rapes Dog - Moosehair Underwear (Limited Edition) LP

Cat Rapes Dog was the first with EBM (Electronic Body Music) act in Sweden and one of the pioneers, along with Skinny Puppy and Front 242, who pushed the scene forward worldwide in the second half of the 80s and 90s. Unlike others in the genre, they had their own punky style with sarcastic lyrics and an attitude. They called it cyberpunk, until Billy Idol came along and stole the term.

Their fifth album "Moosehair Underwear" came out in 1993 and is now being released on vinyl for the first time, including MTV 120 Minutes video regulars like "Moosehair Underwear" and "Trojan Whores" plus other classic punk industrial EBM tracks.
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1.1 Moosehair Underwear
2.2 Aquarius
3.3 Countrygods
4.4 Godfearing Man
5.5 Trojan Whores
6.1 Don't Wanna Work
7.2 Things I Hate
8.3 Nothing But A Bitch
9.4 Crusaders In Disneyland
10.5 Demigod President