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"Il Tempo della Locusta"


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Release: 2016
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Cazzodio - Il Tempo della Locusta CD

Limited edition (300 copies) re-release of the album originally released in 1998 on Malignant.CAZ*ODIO was the first incarnation of P/S (Naxal Protocol / Caz*oKraft) and this album is aseminal cult album, a precursor of certain Rhythmic Power-Electonics so loved in those daysand just another one of the many hidden Italian pearls of Industrial!
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Label:Old Europa Café
1.Serial Mutilation / Maximum Productivity
2.Gabbia Di Ferro
3.Vivisecting A Priest
4.Carcere Ovunque
5.Kale Barroka
6.Il Tempo Della Locusta
7.Decuplicazione Delle Spore
8.All'assalto Della Societa' Spettacolare-Mercantile
10.Black Flags On A Burning World
11.Der Integrierte Schaltkreiskäfig
12.Among The Corpses Of The Servants Of Drabness