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"Integrity of the Preconscious System"


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Release: 2014
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CazzoKraft - Integrity of the Preconscious System CD

Conceived between Saitama and Berlin, this album is a collaboration between Japanese junk metal noise-master Masahiko Okubo (LINEKRAFT) and Italian rhythmic heavy electronics pioneer P/S (CAZ*ODIO, NAXAL PROTOCOL). A bludgeoning combination of the analogue pulsations of vintage Italian power electronics, the furious overdriven metal percussion Linekraft is renowned for, and the trademark mechanical saturated electronics of Caz*odio, assembled with the earsplitting esthetics of Japanese noise. Featuring American death industrial wunderkind The Vomit Arsonist, who contributes vocals on one track. Beautiful as the fortuitous meeting of a shark-operated modular synthesizer and a mental patient hitting on broken car parts, licking rusty chunks of metal to release the tension ..
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Label:Old Europa Café
1.Egas Moniz
2.Delta Germination
3.Beta Decay
4.Prefrontal Leucotomy
5.Gamma Decay
6.Pedro Almeida Lima
7.Alpha Decay
8.Gamma Germinatio