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"Walking In The Flesh"


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Release: 2010
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CeDigest - Walking In The Flesh CD

The official CeDigest debut "Walking in the Flesh" is one of the most suprising releases in 2010! Originally founded as a Digital-Hardcore-act, the current sound of CeDigest can be best described as Terror-EBM or Symphonic Industrial Metal.

The band skillfully manages it to include a wide range of musical influences to their work like Classic music, Trance, Metal and so on. The band walks a completely new path with their sound. Psyclon Nine and Dawn of Ashes tried to make it - but CeDigest finally made it!
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InfraRot item number:2005.690
Label's catalogue number:NTK 038
1.Evil Returns
2.Fermenting Remains
3.The Fallen Angel
4.All Will Be Lost
7.The Faithless Congregation
8.Displaying The Wounds
9.Play Dead
10.Destroyer Of Worlds
11.Limb From Limb
12.I Am Unstoppable
13.Walking In The Flesh