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"Gott Maschine Vaterland"


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Cephalgy - Gott Maschine Vaterland CD

One of the most popular German Dark-Electro-groups is back! On “Gott Maschine Vaterland” (= god machine fatherland), Cephalgy are channeling the essence of what makes up their sound to create one of the most explosive genre-albums in recent years.

After a hiatus of more ...
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Label:Out Of Line
2.Bei Dir Sein
3.Gott Maschine Vaterland
4.Symphony Of My Heart
5.In My Head
6.Never Ending Life
7.Gefallene Liebe
8.Willst Du
9.Burning Heart
11.Verfluchter Leib
12.Für Dich
13.Blut Zu Blut
14.Es Tut Mir Leid (Outro)