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Cevin Key

"The Ghost of each Room"


Veröffentlichung: 2015
Status: Versandbereit in 2-4 Tagen
Cevin Key - The Ghost of each Room 2LP

Double BLACK Vinyl in deluxe Gatefold-Sleeve + etching on Side ‘D’

The Ghost of Each Room was Cevin Key's second solo effort, though like Music For Cats before it, it features an amazing gallery of guests. Included on the 10-track album are Phil Western, Edward Ka-Spel, Ken Marshall, Nivek Ogre, Justin Bennett, Ryan Moore, and others. Though make no mistake, Ghost is a Key creation through and through. Layered beats, bass guitar, industrial effects, drums, rhythm programming, dub, and more intertwine on one of the most fasci- nating albums by one of modern music's most fascinating creators.

This vinyl edition comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with thick spine on high-quality vinyl. The music is on three sides of wax, with a fourth side etching of the famous cover painting (from Haunted Rose Hall, Jamaica).
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InfraRot Artikelnummer:9946.759
1.A1 Bobs Shadow
2.A2 Tatayama
3.A3 Horopter
4.B1 15Th Shade
5.B2 Sklang
6.B3 Frozen Sky
7.B4 Aphasia
8.C1 Klora
9.C2 Cccc4
10.C3 A Certain Stuuckey
11.D Etching