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Changes - Lament CD

With their album, "Lament", they turn their gaze inward, to their own personal apocalypses, stemming from their long marriages ending in dismal dissolution. They tell of their dark, oppressive inner-world that sought to drive them beyond the brink of despair. Only by being able to immerse themselves in their art and create works expressing these sorrows would they be able to maintain their sanity. "Lament" reaches out to all who've had their lives disrupted by modern societal partners going through mid-life crises, becoming antagonistic strangers to their families overnight.

The song entitled "The Invisible ...
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InfraRot item number:2005.430
Label's catalogue number:HR94
1.Sorrow (Instrumental)
2.Lament / Flying... (Requiem)
3.Sweet Eve... (Eve)
4.Mountains Of Sorrow (Remix)... (In You)
5.Emily.. (Last Embrace)
6.The Invisible Man... (Love)
7.No Way Back (Instrumental)... (Empty)
8.The Saddest Thing... (Circe)
9.Emerald Fire... (Watermark)
10.All That Take... (Idyl)
11.Memorabilia... (Postmortem)
12.Dance Of The Hours (Instrumental)... (Eros)
13.The End Of The Road... (Finale)