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Children Of Bodom

"Hexed (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2019
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Children Of Bodom - Hexed (Limited Edition) CD

It’s been three years since the release of »I Worship Chaos« and Bodom have taken time out around touring to carefully develop this new work, which packs a hell of a punch. History tells us that having an extensive time frame to work on a project can often result in procrastination and loss of focus – but with »Hexed« the reverse has manifest in this 11 track, impressively stripped back melo-death, rock-n-roll-rampage.

»Hexed« is a high-energy, up-tempo record seething with new life but also all of the Children of Bodom trademarks that millions of fans around the world have grown to appreciate. Their mix of melo-death meets blackened thrash with a neo-classical twist, and piercing Derek Sherinian-intense keyboards peppered with Alexi’s venomous vocal bile, is what makes a Bodom spread so engaging. And it also explains why the Hate Crew continues to wow crowds across the globe, their reputation continues to grow as a fearsome live act with incredible technical proficiency. Stronger than ever and evidently thrilled to be in such great health, »Hexed« is beckoning Children of Bodom into a new era of world domination.
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Label:Nuclear Blast
1.This Road
2.Under Grass And Clover
3.Glass Houses
4.Hecate's Nightmare
5.Kick In A Spleen
6.Platitudes And Barren Words
8.Relapse (The Nature Of My Crime)
9.Say Never Look Back
10.Soon Departed
12.I Worship Chaos (Live)
13.Morrigan (Live)
14.Knuckleduster (Remix)