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Chris Carter

"Electronic Ambient Remixes Volume 3"


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Release: 2021-07-30
Status: New release in 41 days
Chris Carter - Electronic Ambient Remixes Volume 3 CD

Electronic Ambient Remixes Three was originally released in 2001 and includes ambient remixes and soundscapes utilising Chris Carter's original Throbbing Gristle rhythm tapes from the 70s and 80s.

Tracks from this instrumental series have been used internationally in gallery installations, performed at numerous electronic music festivals, featured on TV and radio broadcasts and within Hollywood movie trailers.
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1.The World As A War Film
2.Convicting People
3.Heathen Mirth
5.Not On The Heels Of Love
6.Someone Came Over Here
7.Still Talking
8.Generic Terrorists
9.The Old Man Died
10.What Is Today
11.Hamburger Man
12.Dread Head