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Release: 2009
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Christian Death - Ashes CD

Christian Death managed the impossible when releasing "Ashes" (1985). Only one year earlier, the Americans had already created a sombre musical milestone with "Catastrophe Ballet", an album that is still regarded as an archetype of the Gothic scene and played an important part in its evolution.

With "Ashes" Christian Death played again a major role in the development of this subculture and set once more the artistic standards for generations to come. "Ashes" continues the Armageddon theme of Valor's previous band Pompeii 99 and the interest in Dadaism and Surrealism displayed on "Catastrophe Ballet", while adding an experimental pinch of the truly insane.

This is represented within the ...
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Label:Season Of Mist
Label's catalogue number:SOM209
2.Ashes (Part 2)
3.When I Was Bed
4.Lament (Over The Shadows)
6.The Luxury Of Tears
7.Before The Rain (Previously Unreleased)
8.Of The Wound