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Christian Death

"The Scriptures (Limited White Vinyl)"


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Release: 2016
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Christian Death - The Scriptures (Limited White Vinyl) LP

American pioneers of dark sounds CHRISTIAN DEATH can rightfully claim to be the incarnation of Gothic music. Season of Mist continues it’s re-release campaign on high quality Vinyls, started 2 years ago with ‘Catastrophe Ballet’ and ‘Ashes. All LPs come in a sleeve with gold hot-foil.

Both re-releases feature VALOR KAND and GITANE DEMONE

All editions of ‘The Scriptures’ come in gatefold sleeve with leather lamination and 12-page vinyl size insert

Fifth full-length 'The Scriptures' is still regarded as an essential in the extensive canon of works by the legendary godfathers of gothic rock. Lyrically the record deals with the topic that Valor came to explore and criticise with nearly every following release: religion. The liner notes of the aptly titled 'The Scriptures' declare that this work is "a translation of world believes by Valor”. ‘The Scriptures’ includes a 10-minute cover version of JIMI HENDRIX’ “1983”
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Label:Season Of Mist
1.A1 Prelude
2.A2 Song Of Songs
3.A3 Vanity
4.A4 Four Horsemen
5.A5 1983
6.B1 Omega Dawn
7.B2 A Ringing In Their Ears
8.B3 Golden Age
9.B4 Alpha Sunset
10.B5 Spilt Blood
11.B6 Raw War
12.B7 Reflections