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Christine Plays Viola

"Spooky Obsessions"


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Release: 2016
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Christine Plays Viola - Spooky Obsessions CD

"Spooky Obsessions" is the third studio album by the Italian Darkwave/Post Punk act, inspiredby stories of people at the edge of death… All lyrics live of the memories and the traumassuffered in life and the concerns that gripped our souls and minds. Evil, fear, obsessions anddemons are all alive in our hears and minds!Christine Plays Viola is a band based in Southern Italy, dedicated to a articulated and nuanceddarkwave / post punk. After appearing on several compilations and 3 self-produced EPs, in 2011the band released a first album on the German label Af Music (deleted), which received goodresponse in the darkwave scene, was played by DJs all over Europes dark clubs and got praisein a number of end of year polls as one of the best productions of 2012. Even Gothic guru MickMercer included it in its top 30 of 2011.An EP in 2012 featured a collaboration with The Spiritual Bat and was followed by extensiveTouring as support act of bands such as Clan of Xymox, Chameleons, She Past Away, NFD andmany others. In May 2014, the German label Cold Insanity Music released the second full length‘Vacua’, an ambitious concept album inspired by the series of "Black Paintings" by the greatSpanish artist Francisco Goya. A limited 7” single was released on Manic Depression in 2015.
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Label:Manic Depression
2.Midnight Trauma
3.Behind A Wicked Mind
5.Poles Apart
6.Murderous Dementia
7.Unneeded Burial
8.N.d.e. (Life Beyond Life)
9.Slow Sinking In Gloom
10.The Last Sacrifice