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"Personal Revolution (Rise Edition)"


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Release: 2014
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Chrysalide - Personal Revolution (Rise Edition) 2CD

2CD hardcover book edition (18x18cm, 48 pages) incl. bonus CD with 14 (!) additional remixes; limited to 500 copies

The slightly laconic undertone with ...
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1.Welcome To The 21St Century
2.Question Everything
3.Tomorrow Is Too Late
4.We Are Not Cursed
5.Another Kind Of Me
6.Cynicism Is A Poison
7.It Gets In The Blood
8.Vote For Molotov
9.All Demons
10.Keep Calm
11.Beside The Impossible
12.Substance Over Style
13.Personal Revolution
14.I Had A Dream
15.Another Kind Of Me (Remix By Hologram )
16.Substance Over Style (Remix By Amnesy)
17.Cynicism Is A Poison (Anger Is A Gift Remix By Amesha Spenta)
18.Tomorrow Is Too Late (Remix By Synapscape)
19.Beside The Impossible (Remix By Sonic Area)
20.Question Everything (Remix By Sonic Area)
21.We Are Not Cursed (Remix By Dead When I Found
22.All Demons (Remix By Blush Response)
23.Keep Calm (They All Look Fucking Sic Remix By Peter Turns Pirate)
24.Question Everything (Remix By Ambassador21)
25.We Are Not Cursed (Remix By W.a.s.t.e.)
26.Personal Revolution (Remix By Sonic Area And Amnesy)
27.Ll Demons (Remix By Aimon)
28.Smile (Written By Charlie Chaplin - Cover)