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Circuito Cerrado

"Furious Bassline"


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Release: 2018
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Circuito Cerrado - Furious Bassline CD

Ladies and gentlemen, 2 years after the heavy industrial assaults of “Arrhythmia”, Mexican CIRCUITO CERRADO are back in town to bring you to the next uplifting ear-challenge with their 3rd studio album pretty much aptly titled “Furious Basslines”!

Marrko B. (mastermind of dark ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.01-Revolution (Feat. Odissi)
2.02-Shut That Shit Down
3.03-Das Ist Laut
4.04-I Will Fuck You Up
5.05-Furious Basslines
6.06-Imitation Of Life
7.07-As Loud As Possible
8.08-Technoizer (Feat. Sfx Dj)
9.09-Mode Of Death
10.10-Machinery At Work
11.11-Mass Madness