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"Carved In Waters"


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Release: 2014
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Circuncelion - Carved In Waters CD

The Circuncelion project began with Igor Mesmer in spring of 2004, as a side project to his band Addiction, and in an attempt to distance himself from the more conventional instruments. The debut “Eschara” was a conceptual work based on his own impressions arising from a number of images and testimonies from the Spanish civil war, forming a work of 9 haunting instrumental arrangements full of passion and with a distinctive symphonic character.

Circuncelion’s second album has been ...
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1.The Beginning
2.Song Of Ophelia
3.Sontay (One Life Part 1)
4.Retrospective Room Part 1
5.Dei Sospiri #
7.Retrospective Room Part 2
8.A Dream Within A Dream
9.To Never Come Back Again (One Life Part 2)
10.Tuol Sleng