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"The Bog"


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Release: 2014
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Cisfinitum - The Bog CD

This album is dedicated to the archetype of Toad in world's mythology and based on re-processed sounds of frogs, toads and swamps. The album was recorded with the help of musicians such as Mars F. Weillink (x-Vance Orchestra), Andrea Marutti (Amon) and Roman Voronovski (Rombix). Track 3 contains a looped voice by Dasha Baskakova and sounds recorded at Volkonski Dolmen using sine generator and original dolmen acoustics. Track 4 is based on pitched loops of a violin and sounds captured from Mars. No preset sounds/synths used on this record!
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Label:Infinite Fog
1.The Bog (Part 01: Toadstool)
2.The Bog (Part 02: Princess Frog)
3.The Bog (Part 03: Bufotenine Marriage)
4.The Bog (Part 04: Returner)