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Clan Of Xymox

"Days of Black"



Release: March 2017
Status: Sold out
Clan Of Xymox - Days of Black CD

Dark days call for dark music. It doesn't bear thinking, then, about what we would do without people like Ronny Moorings. People who have been the very soul of a scene for many years, who roam the earth with open eyes and ears and who clad everything out there that is distressing, unsettling and deeply worrisome into dark and therefore salubrious music. With his band CLAN OF XYMOX, Dutch icon Moorings is doing exactly that since 1984. This, in 2017, is more welcome, more important and more wholesome than ever before.

Dark days, as may well ...
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1.Days Of Black
3.Vixen In Disguise
4.Leave Me Be
5.The Rain Will Wash Away
6.Set You Free
7.I Couldn't Save You
8.What Goes Around
9.I Need To Be Alone
10.Loud And Clear
11.Your Kiss
12.La La Land