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Clan Of Xymox

"Spider On The Wall"


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Release: July 2020
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Clan Of Xymox - Spider On The Wall CD

Since day one, Ronny Moorings transferred the mood of the era into his music. He did so 35 years ago when he ignited the hearts of the uprising goth movement with his fabled debut “Clan Of Xymox”. And he did so in 2017 when he released “Days of Black”, his very own requiem to a dying world. 2020 sees Moorings return with yet another manifesto of melancholy. And even if this catastrophic year is good for nothing else, at least it gave us this masterpiece. “Spider on the Wall”, that much is certain already, is the most important goth release of the year. And ultimate evidence that this music, however loyal to its origins, is still better in channelling the zeitgeist than anything else.

This comes at a stage ...
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3.Into The Unknown
4.All I Ever Know
5.I Don't Like Myself
6.Spider On The Wall
7.When We Were Young
8.Black Mirror
9.My New Lows
10.See You On The Other Side