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Claudio Simonetti

"Demons [1] The Soundtrack Remixed"


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Release: July 2019
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Claudio Simonetti - Demons [1] The Soundtrack Remixed LP

Limited Edition BLACK Vinyl – 499 copies!

Remixed version of the iconic horror film soundtrack composed by Claudio Simonetti/GOBLIN for Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava's 1980′s gore classic DEMONS. This new edition contains remixes by Ohgr (Skinny Puppy), Læther Strip, The Devil & The Universe, Needle Sharing, Bahntier, Cervello Elettronico, Dope Star Inc. and many others.
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1.A1 Demon (Remixed By Ohgr)
2.A2 Cruel Demon (Remixed By Cervello Elettronico)
3.A3 Killing (Remixed By Simulakrum Lab)
4.A4 Threat (Remixed By The Devil & The Universe)
5.A5 The Evil One (Remixed By :bahntier//)
6.B1 Out Of Time (Remixed By Needle Sharing)
7.B2 Demon (Reprise) (Remixed By Leæther Strip)
8.B3 Killing (Remixed By Chris Alexander)
9.B4 Demon (Remixed By Creature From The Black)
10.B5 Killing (Remixed By Dope Star Inc)
11.B6 Demon (Simonetti Horror Project Version)