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"Funeral Fugues & Reminiscence 1992-1997"


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Release: 2016
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Claustrum - Funeral Fugues & Reminiscence 1992-1997 CD

Claustrum, the leading group of the industrial Latvian scene, offers a collection of their finest recordings from the early period between 1992-1997. A dismal, mournful and pensive retrospective glimpse into the distant past stirs the murky waters to reveal their evocative secrets full of grief and melancholy. Orchestral dark ambient and darkwave music true to the Nordic spirit from the Baltic wastelands. Limited to 250 copies in a matte-laminated Digipak.
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Label:Old Captain
1.Funeral Fugues #introve † 1992
2.Funeral Fugues #orto † 1992
3.Colors 1993
4.Funeral Fugues #voices † 1992
5.Funeral Fugues #calm † 1992
6.Instrument Of Cacophony 1992 (Featuring – T.u.m.s.a.)
7.Funeral Fugues #icon I † 1994
8.Funeral Fugues #icon Ii † 1994
9.In Eucharistic Doctrine 1994
10.From Ashes I 1997
11.Sister This Way Is Death I 1995
12.Funeral Fugues #pause † 1993
13.Sister This Way Is Death Ii 1995
14.Funeral Fugues #aria† 1995
15.Rudens Ap Tevi 1997
16.Writ In Water 1997
17.From Ashes Ii 1997
18.Final Moment 1997