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Coil with Back Sun Productions

"The Plastic Spider Thing (Limited Black Vinyl)"


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Release: November 2017
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Coil with Back Sun Productions - The Plastic Spider Thing (Limited Black Vinyl) 2LP

Re-release of the legendary COIL album, originally released by Threshold House via World Serpent [August 2002]. This album, featuring Coil’s music literally remixed and re-arranged in ritual form to serve as the soundtrack to the Black Sun Productions extreme performance artspectacle entitled ‘The Plastic Spider Thing’, following the performers’ (among whom was John Balance himself) every single move. Synths, drones, and psychedelic textures lead us on mystical tour of sex and magic, serving as a testament to the undeniable connection between Coil’s music, ritual magic, and performance art.

A release that all hardcore Coil fans have long been waiting for!

Included with the CD is a collection of Black Sun Productions videos documenting the history of Black Sun Productions and it’s strong ties with Coil. The DVD features rare clips and backstage footage (Coil Live Gigs) with both Peter Christopherson and Jhon Balance, as well as video manipulations. The package is limited to strictly 500 copies!
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