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"Live in Moscow(Limited Edition)"


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Release: July 2020
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Coil - Live in Moscow(Limited Edition) 2LP

Limited edition of 400 copies in deluxe, full colour GATEFOLD Sleeve!

One of COIL’s most legendary shows – recorded live at DK Gorbunovain Moscow on September 15, 2001. Includes an untitled improvisational track recorded before the soundcheck. Originally released on CD and DVD and previously on VHS in 2002 by Fee Lee, subsequently issued on CD by Threshold House as the now extremely rare 'Live 2' CD album. Performers: John Balance, Peter Christopherson, Thighpaulsandra, Tom Edwards. A perfect ritual on both formats, limited Vinyl and CD, for the eternity!
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1.Something/higher Being Command
2.Amethyst Deceivers
3.What Kind Of Animal Are You?
4.Blood From The Air
5.The Green Child
6.Constant Shallowness Loads To Evil
7.No Title (Repetition And Soundcheck)