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"Stolen & Contaminated Songs"


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Release: January 2020
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Coil - Stolen & Contaminated Songs 2LP

egular BLACK Double-Vinyl
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Label:Cold Spring
1.A1 Futhur
2.A2 Original Chaostrophy
3.A3 Who'll Tell?
4.A4 Omlagus Garfungiloops
5.A5 Inkling
6.A6 Love's Secret Domain (Original Mix)
7.B1 Nasa-Arab
8.B2 Who'll Fall?
9.C1 The Original Wild Garlic Memory
10.C2 Wrim Wram Wrom
11.D1 Corybantic Ennui
12.D2 Her Friends The Wolves...
13.D3 Light Shining Darkly