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Collection D'Arnell-Andrea

"Another Winter"


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Release: February 2019
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Collection D'Arnell-Andrea - Another Winter CD

As young as the year 2019 still may be: it already has the first massive surprise to offer. Of all bands, it is Dark Wave and Heavenly Voices pioneers COLLECTION D'ARNELL-ANDRÉA who return to the stage of lugubrious music. But that's not all: Their brand new, by now tenth studio album "Another Winter" is en passant redefining and reinventing the already presumed dead genre of Dark Wave.

It's been another time when ...
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1.By The Pond
2.Pangs Of Severance
3.Le Jour Venu
4.Les Blés-Océans
5.The Grief Of Waves
6.The Shadow Of A Flower
7.Barks Of Rime
8.Les Bancs De Sable
9.Des Étangs En Exil
10.Another Winter
11.Les Périssoires
12.Saules Sans Voix