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"Bent And Broken"


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Release: 2012
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Collide - Bent And Broken CD

Once again, Collide manage to create their own audio universe. The ethereal electrotech duo this time return with a remixed vengeance: a double CD of stellar remixes, comprised of songs from a remix contest held during 2012, as well as remixes from top notch remixers like cEvin Key/Ken Marshall (Skinny Puppy), Android Lust and Chris Vrenna (Tweaker).

It also includes two new ...
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InfraRot item number:2012.190
Label:Noiseplus Music
Label's catalogue number:noise015
1.Mind Games (CEvin Key/Ken 'HiWatt' Marshall Mix)
3.Bent And Broken
4.In The Frequency (Great Apes Mix)
5.She Makes Me
6.KaRIN, You're Not Yourself Today
8.(Damaged Mix)
9.Mind Games (Statik Mix)
10.Tears Like Rain (Coudburst Mix)
11.Chaotic (Shades Of Red Mix)
12.Clearer (Shades Of Red Mix)
13.Lost In The Frequent Sea
14.Pure Bliss (Black Sheep Mix)
15.Human (N30fr05t Mix)
16.Counting To Zero (KaRIN's Lullaby Mix) CD2
17.Tears Like Rain (Psych-Nein Mix)
18.In The Frequency (Chris Vrenna Mix)
19.Chaotic (Oxidized)
20.Head Spin (LgVela Dance Mix)
21.Clearer (Serrated Edge Mix)
22.Tongue Tied And Twisted (Diffuzion Mix)
23.Pure Bliss (Bliss Tech Mix)
24.In The Frequency (Pure Oxygen)
25.Chaotic (Hazard Mix)
26.Counting To Zero (Million Stars Mix)
27.Utopia (Unraveling Breaths)