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Colour Kane

"Mild To Wild"


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Release: 2011
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Colour Kane - Mild To Wild CD

Following a critically acclaimed debut album, containing a remarkable contribution by former Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie, Colour Kane is back with a long awaited second offering of sweet bliss. In a similar but elevated fashion, the journey continues into a realm of shimmering colours and honey coated tunes along the path of lucid dreaming, the guiding theme in this release.

The album depicts the band's new musical transition through layers of meticulously layered bits of Colour Kane signature sounds - sweet voice, lush guitars, narrative bass, tickling beats, electronics, subtle hiss and white noise. And so again, this is an album you will want to live with for a while.

'Mild to Wild' comes as an audio CD in a gatefold quality package, free from any plastic parts, which is as eco as you can get.
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Label:Other Voices Records
1.A Wasteland Tale
2.Travel By The Back Of A Spine
3.Flower Hopping Popping Madly
4.They Run So Free
6.Mild To Wild
7.Tad Or Toddler
8.The Others
9.That Train Of Keepsake And Glory