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Comsat Angels

"To Before"


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Release: 2007
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-3 days
Comsat Angels - To Before 2CD

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1.Mass (Demo)
2.Have You Seen (Demo)
3.Work (Demo)
4.I Get Excited (B-Side)
5.The House That... (Demo)
6.Red Planet (A-Side)
7.Speciman No.2 (B-Side)
8.Eye Of The Lens (Demo)
9.You Never Learn (Demo)
10.Tilted (Demo)
11.Island Heart (Demo)
12.Time To Burn (Demo)
13.Lost Continent (Demo)
14.Something's Got To Give (Demo)
15.You Move Me (Demo)
16.Carried Away (Demo)
17.Born Again (Demo)
18.Ice Sculpture
19.She's Invisible
20.Under The Influence (Demo)
21.I.K.T.F (Demo)
22.Transport Of Delight
23.Venus Hunter (Demo)
24.There's Something Going On (Demo)