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"How Welcome Is Death To I ..."


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Release: 2016
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Con-Dom - How Welcome Is Death To I ... CD

how seldom do we look on death on the dead really look in the flesh close up and on the dying before the death the living death welcome and observe take 'a look' close up personal through the eyes and ears that knew that know is this what it comes to yes face itdeath and before it the dying will come to us all but on whose terms the few - fortunate - may be spared the dying the many will endure its ever tightening grip psychological torment physical humiliation before the ultimate merciful release i want to die with dignity at a time and in a manner of my own choosing who in their right mind would wish anything less have we forgotten the pioneering german initiative of 75 years ago the lessons we might learn have we failed to embrace the potential of the swiss way for a swift return to that inevitable nothing more futility cannot be imagined than that of the cursed human to come from nothing to live as nothing to die as less than nothing to return to nothing do - can - we fully comprehend the mind of a dying human of a human seemingly robbed of sanity as we understand it - imperfectly - of physical capacities as we know them but how can we possibly comprehend until we become that human and we too are looked upon by a son whose eyes say die just fuckin die for you have no point no purpose no life neither for yourself or me or for anyone elseCD comes in 8 panel Digipak and 24 pages bookletdouble vinyl comes in Box with 24 page booklet.Side D is etching only
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