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Container 90

"World Champion Shit"


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Release: 2008
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Container 90 - World Champion Shit CD

More than 20 years ago, Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb kicked off a genre called EBM and became the formative powers behind its sound. It is no secret that the EBM diehards have long been searching for new heroes that are willing and able to blow the dust out of the clubs and well-kept record collections with a smashing sequencer-based high-speed attack. At the moment there seems to be only one group that can tackle this gargantuan task: Container 90. Ron and Jon seem to have the essence of pure EBM infused into their blood. For the two Swedes, these three letters do not just stand for a musical genre but for a whole way of life. Two years ago, their self-produced "Scandinavian Masters" exploded into the hearts of the flat tops, stompers and pogo-freaks and their gigs quickly became sweaty fun-battles with excessive physical exertion. In short: the old school freaks were in for a mighty treat! The duo's concept is as unique as it is effective, as Container 90 are not giving a damn on listening habits, conformity and commerciality and their sound, deeply rooted in the Eighties, sports the same sort of aggression and in-your-face attitude that we have come to know from raunchy punk- and hardcore bands. The brutal sound of mistreated analog machines, rude shouts and lyrics that show the establishment the finger (...but always with a hint of tongue-in-cheek humor) form an unholy alliance with an organic onslaught of drums... you have to be deaf or lame to not be instantly hooked. Lace your boots and go marching to the "World Champion Shit!" We welcome the hardest EBM-band ever!
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Label:Out Of Line
4.Richard Is A Racist
8.Beccy Is A Stomper
10.Don't Give A Fuck
12.One Way Ticket