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Controlled Bleeding

"Carving Songs"


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Release: 2017
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Controlled Bleeding - Carving Songs CD

-Includes a brand new Controlled Bleeding track, TROD.

-Exclusive remixes from 2016’s much-praised Larva Lumps & Baby Bumps.

-Remixer high-lights include Merzbow, Godflesh, Monolake, Crowhurst, Ramleh, Child Bite, and many more.
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1.Controlled Bleeding - Trod (Defiler's Song)
2.Carving Song (Monolake Remix)
3.As Evening Implodes (Barnacles Remix)
4.The Swarm Of Sweettooth (Child Bite Remix)
5.Carving Song (Child Abuse Remix)
6.As Evening Fades (Renaldo & The Loaf Remix)
7.Zeitkratzer (Carving Song Remix)
8.Swarm (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
9.As Evening Fades (Ramleh Remix)
10.Garage Dub (Rothko Remix)
11.Needle Evening (Tim Story Remix)
12.The Controlled Bleeding - Perks Pt 1 (Perv Mix)
13.Carving Song (Ron Anderson Remix)
14.A Loathing Supreme (Crowhurst Remix)
15.Driving Through Darkness Lights Off (Remix By Jean-Jacques Birgé)
16.Fusion Song (Le Syndicat Remix)
17.Carving Song (Helene Sage Remix)
18.Driving Further Into Darkness (Isobel Morris Remix)
19.Carving Song (Weasel Walter Remix)
20.Perks Of Being A Perv (Merzbow Remix)
21.As Evening Fades (Meatleg Remix)