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Controlled Bleeding

"Knees And Bones"


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Release: 2016
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Controlled Bleeding - Knees And Bones CD

DIGI-CD!Originally released on the short-lived Swedish label Psychout Productions in February of 1985, Knees and Bones was Controlled Bleeding's first vinyl album and was a continuation of the brutal electronics and industrial noise of the first tape releases. In many ways, this album is the definitive industrial record of the period, featuring screeching metal, distorted power electronics, Paul Lemos' guttural, animal-like screaming, and a healthy dose of feedback. The original Swedish release was a single vinyl with two long tracks of approximately 23 minutes each, one on each side. The Artoffact Records reissue expands Knees and Bones to a double-LP, including a full LP's worth of bonus material, notably the amazing Swallowing Scrap Metal Pt. 5½, which appeared as the final track of the Knees and Bones CD, another hopelessly out of print Controlled Bleeding artifact. The double vinyl reissue of Knees and Bones is housed in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve. A limited edition on swill-coloured vinyl is being pressed in 200 copies. The CD comes in a digipak.
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3.Knees Power Mix  
4.Dry Lung (Excerpt)
5.Swallowing Scrap Metal Pt. 5½  
6.Horsemeat Yak Trip