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Controlled Bleeding



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Release: 2010
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Controlled Bleeding - Penetration CD

Controlled Bleeding was originally formed around 1978 in Boston, Massachusetts by Paul Lemos, Dave Southerland and Jack Salerno. The original line-up did not last for long, as Lemos moved to Massapequa, New York, where he continued to work on his music with old school mates, Tony Meola and Gary Pecorino.

In the early 80's they ...
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Label:P.U.P. Metal Mind
1.Blessed Is The Burning Room
2.Now Is The Time
3.Auto - Grind (Vocal Mix)
4.Consecration's Will
5.Dead Man Reality
6.In Penetration (J.A.T.H. Remix)
7.Will To Power (And Throwin' Down)
8.Praying In Fire
9.Scrap Metal (Part 3 -Live)
10.Awakened Beneath The Ground