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Corde Oblique

"Back Through The Liquid Mirror"


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Release: 2018
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Corde Oblique - Back Through The Liquid Mirror CD

Corde Oblique is the project of composer Riccardo Prencipe with vocal contributions from numerous female singers and actresses. Their heavenly vocals are embedded in Riccardo's progressive, ethereal folk music. On this album Riccardo is supported by members of Ashram and Argine. The concept of the 'Back Through The Liquid Mirror' album is to capture the energy of their live performances, recorded with the high quality possibilities of a studio session. Therefore these 11 songs have been performed live at the Splash Studios in Naples in a completely different and much more powerful and dynamic way than the previously recordings.
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Label:Dark Vinyl
1.Arpe Di Vento
3.Venti Di Sale
4.Papavero E Memoria
6.La Pietre Di Napoli
7.My Pure Amethyst
8.Suono Su Tela