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Release: March 2020
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Crematory - Unbroken CD

Welcome to the Panopticon of darkness! With Unbroken, the German pioneers of European Gothic Metal, CREMATORY, dare to perform a tightrope act in the somber void. 15 energetic tracks within brutal riffs, deep growls and tight drum grooves prove the band’s diversity — even after almost 30 years in business. The concise influences of Neue Deutsche Härte turn Unbroken into a bravura-piece in an industrial guise. The opening track of the album takes the listener into a darkly-nuanced soundscape, appeals to the strength and self-determination of the band and their fans, and allures with a certain kind of hymn character. The most contemplative CREMATORY album to date closes with the final tracks "As Darkness Calls", a powerful first class offer, and the emotional ballad "Like The Tides”. The latter presents the fragile side of the band and symbolizes an ode of transience, love and pain. CREMATORY remains Unbroken!
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Label:Napalm Rec.
1.1 Unbroken
2.2 Awaits Me
3.3 Rise And Fall
4.4 Behind The Wall
5.5 The Kingdom
6.6 Inside My Heart
7.7 The Downfall
8.8 My Dreams Have Died
9.9 I Am
10.Broken Heroes
11.A Piece Of Time
14.As Darkness Calls
15.Like The Tides