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Criminal Asylum



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Release: 2019
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Criminal Asylum - Zeit CD

Eight years after their first official release "Choice" (produced by Kirlian Camera), C.A. return with an original mix of electro-industrial waves and glacial sounds with female vocals able to create unusual, romantic atmospheres. 13 tracks of pure ice that send warm shivers down your spine.
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InfraRot item number:2003.013
2.Fear Of Life Eat My Soul
3.Ledies And Gentlemen ... Welcome To Violence Mk I
4.Ledies And Gentlemen ... Welcome To Violence Mk II
5.Paranoid Disco Dance III
6.Paranoid Disco Dance IV
7.Rocket USA
8.Seeing Your Pain Again
9.Spear Of Life
11.Die By The Code (The Way Of Samurai)
12.The White Empty
13.When The Gods Call