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"Memento Mori"


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Release: 2018
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Croona - Memento Mori CD

After the release of their digital „debut“ single „My Sweet Revenge“, sweden based project „Croona“ returns with their official studio debut album „Memento Mori“. But „Croona“ is not really a newbie to our music scene. As driving force and member of bands such as „Cynical Existence“, „Menschdefekt“ or „Project Rotten“, Frederik Croona aka „Croona“ delivers something you could easyly call a comeback album. Twelve songs in between Electro, Harsh EBM, Electropop and Industrial leads „Croona“ to it’s own niche in the so called electro/industrial scene. Sometimes melancholic („Mine“), sometimes powerful („Killing me again“) sowmtimes angry („Bleed For Me“) the various songs navigate „Memento Mori“ through a storm of electronic sounds.
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1.Into The Shadows
3.Killing Me Again
4.Ashes From The Past
5.A New Dawn
6.The Day I Died
7.Rise Again
8.Bleed For Me (Feat. Jimmy Bergman)
10.When All Is Said And Done
11.It’S Over
12.Memento Mori (Feat. George)