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Cult Of Occult

"Five Degrees Of Insanity"


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Release: 2016
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Cult Of Occult - Five Degrees Of Insanity 2LP

"Alcoholic" is a 15 minute onslaught of bleak sludge, harrowing vocals and an evil guitar tone. Cult of Occult employ repetition to great effect, playing each riff until breaking point before moving to the next. A slight shift in tempo towards the end of track ushers in a pummelling one chord attack, drums pounding to a frenzied climax. "Nihilistic", begins in similarly-pummelling fashion. The band adds in more atmospheric elements with this track, occasional bleary, reverb heavy guitar allows the listener to briefly catch their breath before the next crushing blow. "Misanthropic" kicks off with a buzzing black metal attack. This is only a brief respite though as before long Cult of Occult are wading through treacle once more. "Psychotic" emerges from the spaced-out conclusion of "Misanthropic" with glorious droning amplifier worship. "Satanic" brings proceedings to a close, beginning with hysterical declarations of war on everything before grinding out one last serving of punishment. Despite being a lengthy record at 65 minutes, "Five Degrees of Insanity" is engaging throughout and strangely addictive, particularly given its relentless nature and glacial pace."
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