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Current 93

"Black Ships Heat The Dancefloor"

Dual-Disc (audio-cd/dvd)

Release: 2008
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-3 weeks
Current 93 - Black Ships Heat The Dancefloor Dual-Disc (audio-cd/dvd)

Diese CD/DVD Dual Disc enthält die beiden Videoclips zu "The Beautiful Dancing Dust" und "Black Ships Ate The Sky", sowie die vier Songs von der gleichnamigen 12" Vinyl-Veröffentlichung. Die DVD-Seite ist ohne Regionscode.
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InfraRot item number:2090.148
Label:Durtro Jnana
1.Black Ships Ate The Sky (Long - Jg Thirlwell Remix)
2.Black Ships Ate The Sky (Short - Jg Thirlwell Remix)
3.Black Ships Ate The Sky (Matmos Remix)
4.The Beautiful Dancing Dust (Matmos Feat. Anthony Remix)
5.The Beautiful Dancing Dust [Video]
6.Black Ships Ate The Sky [Video]