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Current 93

"Thunder Perfect Mind (Limited Purple Vinyl)"



Release: December 2017
Status: Sold out
Current 93 - Thunder Perfect Mind (Limited Purple Vinyl) 2LP

Purple vinyl! Reissue of Current 93's seminal double album from 1992. Newly and perfectly remastered by The Bricoleur, and with a new face to the old sleeve designed by Ania Goszczynska, this beautiful edition is on transparent purple vinyl and comes with a 4-page lyric insert.

It is the first time that has been available on vinyl since its first pressing in 1992.
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1.A Beginning
2.The Descent Of Long Satan And Babylon
3.A Sadness Song
4.A Song For Douglas After He's Dead
5.In The Heart Of The Wood And What I Found There
6.Mary Waits In Silence
7.A Silence Song
8.A Lament For My Suzanne
10.All The Stars Are Dead Now
11.Rosy Star Tears From Heaven
12.When The May Rain Comes
13.Thunder Perfect Mind I
14.Thunder Perfect Mind Ii
15.Hitler As Kalkhi (Sdm)
16.A Sad Sadness Song