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Dada Pogrom

"Kolophonium (Limited Clear Vinyl)"


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Release: July 2023
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Dada Pogrom - Kolophonium (Limited Clear Vinyl) LP

2023 repress, edition of 300 hand-numbered copies, 180g vinyl, silk-screen sleeve w/ insert!

Dada Pogrom's founder and sole permanent member is Kenneth Walter Balys. He is a computer scientist specializing in cinema and electronic music and has been producing and performing electronic music since 1981. He harnesses technical knowledge garnered from years working in aerial geophysics and communications engineering to make art.

Kolphonium is a material used for musical instruments and electronics. Kolophonium, to temper strings and cause solder to flow. Here is a collection of music published in 2015 on vinyl and cassette. All of this music was produced in our analogue studio in Reykjavík.
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3.Amsterdam Of The Universe
5.The Jean Of Peterhead
6.New Galactic Code
9.Psycho Girl
10.Die Deutschen Litauens