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Dadaism 999

"The Misery Book (Limited Gold Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Dadaism 999 - The Misery Book (Limited Gold Edition) LP

Limited to 600 handnumbered copies in Deluxe gatefold sleeve!

“The Misery Book” is the debut album by DADAISM 999 featuring Edward Ka-Spel (THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS) with several guest musicians: Tony Wakefod (SOL INVICTUS), Elena Fossi (KIRLIAN CAMERA), Albin Julius (DER BLUTHARSCH) and Stefano Rossello (BAHNTIER), together with the bands official members Dave Weels and Joey Imbalance.

The album is a mix of electronics and dark-psychedelic sounds, in a very strange collage of different styles, a melodic and fresh album with abstract lyrics that totally represents the absolutely original form of art for Dadaism 999. The title-track ‘The Misery Book” ends the album with a sad song by Wakeford, in his classic traditional style! An excellent album, full of epic moments for one of the emerging names in the experimental / esoteric scene.
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1.Dave’S Tripping Attitude [Feat. Bahntier] 5:13
2.Rats And Pigs [Feat. Edward Ka-Spel] 12:32
3.Materiall Stahl [Feat. Elena Alice Fossi] 4:09
4.A Letter [Feat. Edward Ka-Spel] 3:48
5.Ariadne [Feat. Edward Ka-Spel] 9:01
6.Amnesia [Feat. Albin Julius] 3:47
7.The Misery Book [Feat. Tony Wakeford] 4:46