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Dame Area

"Ondas Tribales (Limited Red Vinyl)"


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Release: 2021-04-23
Status: New release in 50 days
Dame Area - Ondas Tribales (Limited Red Vinyl) LP

Hailing from Barcelona, Silvia Konstance and Viktor L.Crux (a collaborator of Nurse With Wound and Joachim Arbeit from Einstürzende Neubauten) developed during the last years a unique music style recognized as "Tribal Wave".

Mixing synth bassline arpeggios and live percussions, noises and congas, industrialism and tribalism, Italian and Spanish, Dame Area are running across the same path and breathing the same air of the EBM/Industrial driven Diseño Corbusier or the drum compositions of Roberto De Simone.

Starting to play live and releasing their music in 2018 for their own label and venue Magia Roja (with the support of fans like Julian Cope and Yamatsuka Eye), their incessant touring schedule has already seen them play all over Europe in the past couple of years. Since 2019 they also play live as a trio with Jesse Webb from Gnod/Anthroprophh at the drums/percussion.

For fans of: Diseño Corbusier, Esplendor Geometrico, group A, Kris Baha
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Label:Mannequin Records
1.Scopri Le Tue Passioni
2.Linea Retta
3.Corazon De Fuego, Corazon De Hielo
5.La Danza Del Ferro
6.La Doble Luna
7.No Pares De Trabajar
8.Triangolo Segreto