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Daniel B. Prothese



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Release: July 2018
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Daniel B. Prothese - HölleKtroKraut/HellectroKraut 2CD

File under: Ambient, Soundscapes, Front 242

With HölleKtroKraut/HEllectroKraut Daniel B. (he of Front 242) pulls us again a bit further into the universe of sound he developed over the years next to his work with Front 242. Projects like Speed Tribe or Male or Female in the past or more recently Nothing But Noise already proved that Daniel B. was able to create extraordinary soundpalets. Two years ago Daniel B. decided to resurrect his pre-Front 242 solo-project Prothese again as Daniel B. Prothese. This resulted in a pletora of releases on tape, vinyl and cd through Wool-E Tapes and Alfa Matrix in a wide range of styles. From proggy & symphonic ambient over Front-like electronics and experimental electro to blatant outright noise outburst with guitar feedback and treated electronics and effects. For this new double-epos, Daniel B. takes us back in the direction already taken with Nothing But Noise...and beyond. This time we get his 2018 interpretation of 70's Kraut, psychedelic without being psychedelic, cold and mechanic but still warm and organic. A soundscape trip back to the 60's, 70's and 80's without being nostalgic, but with a firm foot in the now.
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1.Höheren Ebene 12:09
2.Endless Endlos 17:20
3.Le Grand Malheur 8:07
4.Far.far...v1 4:05
5.Fluxbot 6:24
6.Deathless 50 4 7:37
7.Discrimine 11:40
8.Kraut & Roll 15:17
9.Deep Black 7:04
10.Far.far...v2 4:09