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Dark Princess



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Release: January 2023
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Dark Princess - Phoenix CD

After the last album was released 13 years ago, DARK PRINCESS manifested themselves back to life with a few singles piece by piece equal to a “Phoenix”, and now complete the rebirth in the form of the new album, which bears the name of the fire bird. The broad vocal repertoire of Olga Trifonova inspires without limits. With her strong character mezzo-soprano the Russian outshines many of the 0815-voices of Symphonic and Gothic Metal and stays in the memory with that certain extra. Great cinema. Or glamorous opera. With Metal. The title track is a perfect introduction to “Phoenix”. DARK PRINCESS remains lyrically true to the theme of firebird, freedom and not giving up, which finally culminates in a spiritual way in a self-confident rebirth. Longing, but also full of power, melancholy and sublime at the same time, DARK PRINCESS leads through the songs, in which love – often tragic – also takes a special place, without even beginning to devolve into kitsch. While Olga’s vocal richness dominates the different moods of each track, male screams, for example in “Phoenix” and in the aggressive-harmonic “Falling to Fly”, and clear vocals, like in the powerful “My Chance”, provide additional variety in. In the calmer compositions like “The Light” an acoustic guitar provides the special mood, while mainly electric guitars rock heavy and numerous guitar solo parts emphasize the cool metal part of DARK PRINCESS. In between it gets really epic, but can also shine with ethereal sounds. “Phoenix” is a comeback that elevates DARK PRINCESS to a queen.
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2.Taste Of Freedom
3.The Void
4.Worth Waiting For
5.A Reason To Be
6.The Pain I Need
7.Falling To Fly
8.The Light
9.My Chance
10.Your Flame
11.My Shadow Self
12.Not Enough