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"Realms (Black Vinyl)"


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Release: February 2022
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Darkher - Realms (Black Vinyl) LP

- Gatefold LP (180g vinyl, black) incl. poster, printed innersleeve and PVC protection sleeve

Darkher is an intriguing, haunting trip through the mind and spirit of UK artist Jayn H. Wissenberg, a charismatic West Yorkshire-based vocalist / songwriter whose powerful, captivating music is characterized by slowly building storm clouds of guitars and haunting, spine-tingling vocals.Darkher's first release, 'The Kingdom Field' EP (2014), epitomized her broodingly intense music and created a stir across scenes, being hailed as "beautiful, teeth-edging horror" and "utterly brilliant". Her debut album, 'Realms', impressively proves that the fire of great expectations raised by the debut's spark were more than justified. The album features nine distinctive, dynamic and dramatic tracks that are impossible to resist. Songs such as the sternly imploring "Moths", the driving "Wars", with its signature drum march, or the sinister, unfathomable 'Buried' or 'Foregone' may be mentioned as cornerstones of an album that, due to its quality and diversity, bears the potential earmarks of a future classic.
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1.Spirit Waker
2.Hollow Veil
5.The Dawn Brings A Saviour
6.Buried Pt. I
7.Buried Pt. Ii